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We would like to contribute towards maintaining your home or work space by providing housekeeping services for your space. At Everything In Its Pace, we are a company focused on strong customer service, high quality standards, and providing cost savings to our clients. By selecting our company, we are committed to giving you nothing short of the best cleaning/ organizational services provided.

The importance of your space should receive nothing less than the highest level of professionalism, attention, and sensitivity that a larger corporation may not provide due to the size of their client base. Our mission through strong customer service and high quality standards, we will not only provide the level and quality of service but strive to surpass them and set new standards.


We offer and provide a wide range of quality services that are arranged as follows, Professional Offices,  Public Centers (includes Educational/ Day Care Facilities, Religious Centers), and Residential (houses, apartments, condos, and rentals {AirBnB/ Vrbo}). We offer professional cleaning and organizational services to any space!

Professional Offices and Public Center spaces include these general areas:

  1. Work/ Learning Areas including offices

  2. Meeting Rooms

  3. Hallways, Staircases

  4. Restrooms, Kitchens

  5. Locker Rooms

Residential spaces include these general areas:

  1. Bedrooms

  2. Bathrooms

  3. Hallways, Staircases

  4. Kitchen, Dining

  5. Living areas

  6. Entry way/ Mud rooms/ Laundry


Definition of general areas and description of services based on standard maintenance would include services such as emptying baskets, sweeping and mopping, vacuuming ex: Hallways, Staircases, and Elevators. We will provide general dusting and or polishing including furniture, pictures/ decor, cabinets, and vents.

Restrooms and Kitchen areas include cleaning of the mirrors, stalls, toilets, sinks, exterior appliances, and sweeping and mopping the floor.

 Areas may be added or taken away to customize, extra services such as walls, doors, windows , interior appliances, vacuuming furniture/ drapes is available for an additional charge. Products and equipment can either be provided from client or on behalf of the company -charges apply. Fees can vary by square footage or hourly rate, also by needs per room.

Cleaning Services: Welcome
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